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Expedite! What is 'Expedite'?


[ ˈekspəˌdīt ]
VERB: make (an action or process) happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly:

Opportunities abound in the expedite transportation industry. With expected growth of shipments over the next few years and more companies relying on ‘just in time’ service, many more drivers will be needed. Additionally, as a “blue collar” associated career, the baby boomer generation is fast approaching retirement age. Even without that segment nearing retirement, there is currently nearly a 250,000 driver shortage in the USA.

The transportation industry as a whole increased by nearly 4% over the past decade. Projections are that increase with be approaching 6% just in the next 5 years. This will challenge the goal to bring in new drivers, millennials, to handle the expected increase in traffic goods.

For those interested, opportunities abound. From a driver to dispatcher to broker; more bodies are needed. It’s not your Father’s (or Grandfather’s) trucking industry. Gone are the days of running from load to load with little sleep, mounds of paperwork from the shipper for the consignee; folded maps trying to figure out where you can go without getting caught in traffic jams or blizzards. Today’s truckers have access to the latest technology; Satellite tracking; GPS systems for pinpoint locations; cell phone connection for arrival/loading/departure/unloading and digital scanning of bills of lading & proof of delivery. And just wait until the autonomous trucks come on board.