Cheetah 1 Express

Our Fleet



Our tractor fleet consists of solos and teams. They are a majority Freightliner, including a newly purchased 2015 Super Sleeper CARB certified.  Each handles one of our 53’ logistics trailers. All trailers are 2015 or newer, ‘Barn’ style doors and food grade quality.  E-Tracks, straps and blankets are included as needed. Capacity depends on which tractor is sourced; from 36,000 lbs to 44,000 lbs. We run our semis across 48 states.

Straight Trucks

Our fleet of straight trucks currently includes solos and teams. They range from small straights to large straights, including a newly purchased 2015 Freightliner which is CARB certified and our Canada shipment expert.  Barn style doors on all straight trucks. As with our semis, E-Tracks, straps and blankets are standard equipment on board. We run our straight trucks across 48 states, Ontario and Quebec.  We have a new 2018 Freightliner 22' straight truck with lift axle in order to carry up to 23,000 lbs. as needed.  This truck will also be Canada qualified.


We have been ELD compliant since January 2015.  All of our fleet assets include on-board Omnitracs equipment giving us the ability to quickly dispatch our drivers and track specific locations 24 hours a day, every day. Each driver has a cell phone, just upgraded to a Smart phone for those that require Macropoint connection and to expedite BOL/POD transfers to clients or through Transflo(tm).  Our dispatch center stays in contact with each driver throughout the transport cycle. Examples of recent shipments (pictures on ourHome Page) include: transport of a specialized slot machine from Toronto to Las Vegas; Christmas Trees during the holiday season; dormitory equipment from Florida to Idaho. And naturally, being headquartered in Michigan, we run a lot of loads into and out of Texas consisting of automotive parts, plastic pellets and dunnage. Let us help you with your Time-Critical needs.