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Cheetah 1 Express has specialized in high-quality expedited and truckload transportation services for many years.

Cheetah 1 Express Trucking has a history that goes back to 1995. It started when the President, Abbey Kizy, started her own local distribution service in the Metro Detroit area. Progressing through the years, her opportunities expanded. She became a dispatcher for a well-known nationwide expediting company; a driver for a large regional expediting company and then dispatching for that company and eventually a fleet owner leasing her trucks and drivers on with that same company.

Her expertise in expediting and fleet ownership grew as she added box trucks and cargo vans leased on with a regional courier service. The definition of ‘expediting’ covers this local service. There is a certain amount of time to receive, pack and deliver these products to local addresses. Many deliveries included home-bound patients needing critical medications.

While that service still exists with most of her fleet signed on to service those needs, she decided to get back into the trucking business. Specifically Expediting! From a small office with one phone and a laptop, she built connections across North America. Cheetah 1 Express now has handled expedited freight across all 48 states and several Canada provinces. We understand the needs of our clients and know how critical these products are for the consignees. Having had that experience in the truck and at the dispatch desk is the drive that makes things work here.

We have built this company on quality service with reasonable rates. Through our efforts, we are qualified to run loads for more than 75% of the top 100 Inbound Logistics 3rd party logistics companies. (Still working on the other 25%). Those companies call us daily for the use of our assets.