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Our Team

President: Abbey Kizy

[email protected]

From her first local buying/packing/delivering company in the Metro Detroit area, to her current ownership of Cheetah 1 Express, Abbey Kizy has surpassed over 15 years of experience in building strong business practices within the transportation industry.

Cheetah 1 Express is the ultimate culmination of Abbey’s vast experience as a driver, dispatcher and fleet owner. It’s this multi-faceted background which grants her the ability to compassionately comprehend, and attend to, the needs of her clients and drivers. Partnering with Cheetah 1 Express as one who ships or one who delivers provides piece of mind to every individual involved in the process, and that’s how Abbey prefers to conduct her business every single day.

Assistant to the President: Samantha Nash

[email protected]

Beside one strong female professional, stands another. Samantha Nash is Abbey’s right-hand woman, for myriad reasons. Samantha is the purveyor of process and policy, as well as the backbone of bidding, booking and billing. Nothing at Cheetah 1 Express is accomplished without initially passing through her capable hands.

From balancing the daily operations of driver relations to handling any and all client requests and needs, Samantha ensures that Cheetah 1 Express is consistently operating at full capacity. Rest assured that, if you’re a driver or a client, your needs will be met expeditiously and with consistent professionalism.

Manager of Media Relations and Recruiting: Brandon Baxter

[email protected]

With over 10 years of experience in the transportation and expedite industry, Brandon Baxter understands the importance of drivers feeling, and companies staying, relevant.

Not only has Brandon spent considerable time assisting drivers in finding their next over-the-road opportunity, whether as an owner/operator or independent contractor, he also holds his finger on the social pulse of the freight moving society. By keeping Cheetah 1 Express front and center for drivers and clients as order number one, Brandon helps maintain the success that Abbey and her crew exemplify.